CT-803B3 Controller for Electric Scooter



Operation Instructions

--Performance and Features--

1. High efficiency, low heat generation, capable of working normally for 3 minutes when the motor is blocked.
2. Provided with the following protection circuits:
1) Current limiting: This prevents the motor current from exceeding the specified value thus avoids damage to the motor and the controller due to over-current.
Battery under-voltage protection: When battery voltage lowers to specified value, the controller automatically cuts off the battery output so over-discharge is avoided, thus longer battery life of cyclic use.
3) Power cut-off during braking: The brake switch makes when braking is underway. A signal is fed to the controller, which in turn cuts off battery output automatically.
4) Over-speed prevention during electric charging: During charging of the battery, the controller renders the speed adjusting turn handle temporarily inoperable, preventing over-speed due to mistaken manipulation.
3. Epoxy capsulated, thus moisture proof and shock proof.
4. Suspended terminal easy of connection and reliable.

--Technical Parameters --

Note: Interface output voltage for power indicator and brake indicator may be customized.

-- Installation and Wring --

1. Power lines (with connecting plug DJ7022-6.3-11)(电源线)

2. Motor output lines (with connecting plug DJ7022-6.3-21)(电机输出线)

3. Brake signal line and speed adjusting signal line (with connecting plug DJ7061A-2.8-21)

4. Interface for electric door lock (with connecting plug DJ7031A-2.8-11)(电门锁接口)

For electric door lock, 5A fuse tube in series connection is used. When short-circuit happens in a load circuit other than the motor circuit, the fuse will be burnt and the controller is thus protected. In this case, just replace with a fuse tube of the same capacity after the trouble of short-circuit is repaired.

5. Interface for electric charger (with connecting plug DJ7021A-2.8-11) (充电器接口)

6. Interface for power indicator (with connecting plug SM-2P, male side) 电源灯接口

7. Interface for brake indicator (with connecting plug DJ7021A-2.8-11) (刹车灯接口)


1. Ascertain that rated voltage of the controller corresponds to the nominal voltage of the battery.
2. When wiring is made, always match male and female terminals and colour of wire. After connecting a plug to a socket, use heat shrinkage tube or tape to fix.
3. The red positive power line and the black earth wire shall not be inverted between each other, otherwise the controller is damaged!! Recommended wiring procedure: connect the earth and other wires first, and only after such wiring is ascertained as correct may the positive power line be connected.